Apple will release updates to iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 next week

The new update will arrive next week (Reuters / Adnan Abidi / File Photo)

Apple announced the arrival of the new major version of its operating system for mobile devices, iOS 14.5, as well as iPadOS 14.5 for iPads, which will start rolling out to users next week.

After presenting their news this Tuesday during the event Spring loadedIn which it is announced The new 24-inch iMac models Based on iPad Pro With its M1 processor, Apple has also developed its new version of iOS, based on the previous major release, iOS 14.

IOS 14.5 will arrive for users in an update during the ‘next week’, which starts on April 26th, although today is not specified. Apple did not indicate this during its presentation, but confirmed it through a press release indicating its compatibility with the new AirTags.

IOS 14.5 will arrive on iPhone with a series of new features, including the functionality to unlock the mobile phone through the Apple Watch while the user is wearing a mask, as well as a redesigned podcast app, new search tabs, and new emojis.

More emojis added in iOS 14.5
More emojis added in iOS 14.5

Additionally, this update will add a new feature called App Tracking Transparency, which makes it necessary to require users to track their activity. This means that the user will have the option to make a decision regarding this point, something that has not happened so far. It is a tool that seeks to improve privacy and limit any app overrun.

We must remember that Facebook has repeatedly demonstrated against these new Apple privacy policies. The social network ensures that the new rules particularly affect small merchants.

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In December, Facebook published requests in several newspapers in the United States highlighting that Apple’s policy “will limit companies’ ability to effectively launch personalized ads and reach their customers.” It also ensured that advertisers would see their sales cut by 60% for every dollar they invest due to the company’s privacy policy led by Tim Cook.

For his part, the Bitten Apple director has repeatedly emphasized the need for global reforms to take care of data privacy. Actually at the end of January, in the framework of a virtual chat he participated in He said the following on World Data Privacy Day: “Each application, including ours, must share its data collection and privacy practices, and the information provided by the application store in a way that all users can understand.”

Another novelty in this new version of iOS is that Siri will stop having a female voice by default as it has so far and will include more varied options in English, as it was already announced at the beginning of April.

In return, it will be possible to choose which audio player you want to use. By default, every time Siri is asked to play a song, the assistant returns to Apple Music. In iOS 14.5, you can choose another default player, such as Spotify.

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