Apple regrets and removes Samsung Galaxy image from one of its ads

Apple pulls the “controversial” photo.

Apple is one of the most important companies in the world, and every action you take is usually looked at with a magnifying glass. What seemed like a clever advertising move or, failing that, an intent to come close to the competition, In the end, nothing came of it.

Because if we told you so a few days ago Apple used a galaxy image to advertise one of its productsAnd the He said the picture just disappeared.

Apple removes the photo in which you used the Samsung Galaxy

Apple used the Android terminal in one of its ads

It took less than a week for the Cupertino company to pull off one of the most “controversial” photographs in memory. If you still don’t know, it all comes from an image Apple posted to Amazon USA on the Beats Studio purchase page, Some new wireless headphones from Cupertino.

On the mentioned purchase page, someone was seen wearing headphones… With Samsung Galaxy S21. Actually it was not a mistake but to remind all Android users, That these headphones were also compatible with smartphones running the Google operating system.

However, as we read in Phone ArenaSomething must have happened because Apple removed the photo overnight without curious warning, That the image was not overwritten but directly removed.

Motives? They are unknown. It’s possible that Apple didn’t like that the photo made many digital headlines and as a result of the propaganda Samsung removed it. Another option is that the “bosses” were not too happy to announce a direct competition. what ever, The image no longer exists and a similar image is not expected to appear.

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This indicates the convergence between Apple and Android out of reach And this as well , Apple wants you to use its new headphones with your iPhone.

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