Apple launched a new feature to protect users from cyberattacks

Apple logo. (Photo: Reuters/Joshua Roberts)

manzana Introduce device security tool IphoneAnd the IPAD s Mac Designed to prevent cafe attack against prominent users such as activists, journalists, and government officials. The optional function is called lock mode, It will provide “maximum” protection for “a very small number of users who face targeted attacks,” Apple said in a statement released Wednesday.

This tool Significantly reduces the number of physical and digital ways an attacker can hack device to the user. Apple says the feature is primarily intended to combat attacks with “Spying programs“Sold by NSO Group and other companies, particularly state-sponsored groups.

In recent years, state-sponsored organizations have hacked known users to remotely access their iPhone data.

This was reported by Bloomberg News last year Several US State Department employees were hacked and notified by Apple. In November, Apple filed a lawsuit against the NSO Group, claiming that the Israel-based company had developed tools such as sPegasus Spy Program To misuse and harm Apple users.

The company based in Cupertino says a A small number of its users have been the target of such attacks in 150 countries.

Lock Mode, Apple’s new cybersecurity feature

The iPhone maker recently released a feature that warns users about it They are the target of state-sponsored cyber attacks. Apple said that this notification system will be updated to notify these people about the new lock status. The block will affect:

Message application.

confrontation time.

Apple Online Services.

Configuration profiles.

– web browser Safari

Wire connections.

confrontation time.  (Photo: EFE/Sascha Steinbach)
confrontation time. (Photo: EFE/Sascha Steinbach)

With the tool in place, the Messages app It blocks non-image attachments and disables link previews. These are two common mechanisms he uses pirates To hack devices remotely.

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The Internet browsersanother frequent channel for hackers, will be severely restricted, with restrictions imposed on certain fonts, web languages, PDF reading features, and content previews.

In FaceTime, users will not be able to receive calls from anyone they have not contacted in the last 30 days.

How to activate block mode

This new feature can be activated via a switch at the bottom of the menu. Privacy In the Settings app on Apple devices.

During setup, users will be warned that enabling the tool means that the device “will not operate as usual” and this “Apps, websites and features will be strictly restricted for your security and some experiences will not be fully available”based on screenshots of the feature shared by Apple.

iPhone lock mode.  (Photo: Apple)
iPhone lock mode. (Photo: Apple)

When will this new feature be available?

Apple plans to start Lock mode As part of upcoming OS updates iOS 16And the iPad OS 16 s macOS Ventura in the coming months.

It will also be tested this week as part of the third developer beta. The company did not say when versions of this feature might come to other Apple operating systems, including View the operating system for Apple Watchbut She said she plans to add new protection for the upcoming Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 8. (Photo: Tech Advisor)
Apple Watch Series 8. (Photo: Tech Advisor)

Other online services will also receive lockout mode changes, but Apple hasn’t specified the exact difference. Jobs like Carplaywhich in some cases requires a cable connection, They will only work if the user enters their password, While new configuration profiles and device registration in the management software will also not work in this mode.

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Apple also said it would pay investigators Security reward of up to $2 million If they find a way to bypass the lockout mode and improve their protection.

The company also A $10 million grant will be awarded to the Dignity and Justice Foundation, Created and advised by the Ford Foundation, to help investigate and prevent highly targeted cyber attacks.

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