Anya Taylor-Joy On Vacation In Buenos Aires After A Successful Year

After a year of success,Anya Taylor Joy She is on vacation in Punta del Este and was photographed by ¡Hola! With partner Malcom McRae, in the middle of the beach.

You both can look very happy at this time. but nevertheless, Taylor It wasn’t the only place he visited as he had been traveling through Buenos Aires in recent days. According to a photo posted by haute couture designer Laurencio Adot, the actress from Gambito de Dama had breakfast at a classic bar on the corner of Posadas and Ayacucho in Recoleta, Buenos Aires.

The actress wore a brown coat with red details, accompanied by black tops and sunglasses. The designer was pleased to have a photo with her.

Through his social networks, he indicated: Saturday. Breakfast at La Rambla. I met the huge actress – it’s a girl Anya Taylor Joy. One day after discharge from hospital due to cardiac arrhythmia. Hollywood in Posadas and Ayacucho. thanks God. I always respected and encouraged this time.”.

In a moment, fans did not hesitate to respond to the designer’s post with some comments like: “Please tell me how is she?” , “Sweet, feminine, elegant and speaks Spanish… divine, replying to one of the comments.

Who is Anya Taylor Joy?

British-American actress and model, of Argentine and Spanish descent. She was born in Miami but grew up in Buenos Aires. Taylor Joy left school at the age of 16 and started her acting career.

After small television shows, she appeared in the cinema with the main role of Tomasin in the horror film The Witch (2015), for which she received the Gotham Award and the Empire Award.

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His school stage started at Northlands School, in Olivos, Buenos Aires Province. For some time, he did not want to know anything about English in order to return to Argentina.

In 2020, he gave life to a Transformer Magic in the horror movie ‘new mutantsProduced by 20th Century Studios and distributed by Disney. However, his fame was on Netflix with the series lady maneuver, one of the strings that identified a trend in 63 countries.

During 2020, he got the lead role in the movie “whatever”, based on the novel by Jane Austen, and released in the United States on February 21 and in the United Kingdom on February 14, by Focus Features.

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