Anti-Wake: America First (again)

Florida Governor and serious candidate for President of the United States Ron DeSantis stirred passions and gathered supporters with his promise and increased practice to end what he calls the “WOKE Indoctrination,” a word that comes from AwakeAnd the awakening also I wake up To fight racial and gender oblivion in schools and even in universities.

Once in power, the so-called libertarians specialize in prevention. Thus, a long list of books has been banned and the classics rewritten to make them less “uncomfortable” for the puritanical, fascist, sectarian, religious extremist, anti-scientific, hypocritical, bigoted sensibilities any way you look at it. Of the Internet pornography consumed by children in schools between classes, not a disaffected voice, nor a law banning or limiting big business.

The scandal is that blacks, poor people and victims of imperialism can tell their story. Indignation is for anything that might upset the feelings of young whites (who are not even guilty of the historical crimes they are trying to cover up) and above all, anything that might hurt the feelings of their parents, who are the ones who vote. . This 200-year-old tradition is not called indoctrination, but patriotic.

Here (Figure 1) is one of the illustrations that will soon be banned so as not to offend the sensibilities of some white males. He dubbed this classic graphic art The Awakening to support women’s suffrage. It was published in the United States in 1915, three years before the constitution enshrined women’s suffrage in Uruguay and decades before it became a reality in the United States. The delay was due to politicians and reactionaries like the current governor of Florida who were more interested in the Ku Klux Klan’s “America First” motto (Fig. 2).

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