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For love, he sometimes loses his mind and sometimes he loses a huge amount of money. A woman in Dubai tried to find her better half online, but she was scammed and the man stole from her 140,000 pounds, the equivalent of 190,000 US dollars.

Currently, due to the restrictions caused by the novel coronavirus COVID-19, dating apps are becoming more and more popular, and one of these apps is Tinder.

This is how Simon Leviev’s ‘Tinder scammer’ reacted to the Netflix documentary

UK scam details

Following the controversial Netflix documentary about Shimon Hayut’s story “The TinderSammer,” there are new cases of men who have lies and, because they are attractive, involve single women on a quest to find the love of their lives.

The BBC website It tells in detail the case of Richard Dexter, a 38-year-old man who admitted to having cheated on a woman in the UK. According to the information published, prosecutors said Dexter met Amrita Sebastian, a young woman from Dubai, via dating app Tinder in 2015.

The first scam involved £40,000 in 2015. At the time, the man stated that he had bought a patent catalog of biopharmaceutical products.

There is a long list of apps to connect people with certain tastes. Photo: Pexels

Tinder scammer: How to avoid being scammed online

Then the conversations continued in which the man seduced and deceived the lady until he was able to steal the sum of £ 140.00. “He shared intimate confidence-building information,” prosecutors said in detail. However, Amrita Sebastian, along with other women, denounced him. The man was taken to court where he was sentenced to four and a half years in prison.

Another Summer Tender with the same method of operation

According to the newspaper guardian, Prosecutor Robert Bryan claimed that Dexter was pretending to be a successful businessman with a biopharmaceutical company valued at £6.8m. In addition, he boasted of “enormous wealth, private planes and expensive cars.”

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Brian revealed that Amrita has traveled to the UK twice from Dubai and in August 2015 she met Dexter. He convinced her that he needed the capital to start producing scientific equipment.

In addition, he promised to pay £100,000 in interest, or more than $135,000. She agreed to lend him the money and over the course of 15 months made a series of transfers amounting to £68,000.


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