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Barcelona, ​​March 4 (EFE). Barcelona Sports City has been located in Sant Joan Despi since 2006. There they train football and the professional sections of the club. But since this winter, the Barcelona entity has another sports city, located in Barcelona’s Poblenou neighborhood, where the esports division of the Premier League (LoL) spends whole days.

The Barcelona International Game Center (BIGC) has an area of ​​2,000 square meters and in mid-March it will be running in all its splendor after some intense work. It will have a gym, game rooms and one of the largest stadiums in Europe. All this will provide more resources for the Barcelona headquarters, who are surprisingly second in the table in their start in the competition.

Players, dressed as Barcelona, ​​train and play matches in a room with powerful computers also equipped to present interviews and statements to the media with appropriate props? my knowledge. There, near the emblematic Poblenou cemetery, the athletes arrive first thing in the morning and leave many times when it is already dark.

For the first season, the Catalan club chose foreign players with a lot of projections: Czech Jakub? Drydy? Vesenik Bulgarians Dimitar? LeBron? Kostadinov and Mihail? Twohoyrz? British Matthew Petkoff? deadly? Smith and Luca Swiss? Lucky? Saints. Are they trained by the Spaniard Alejandro Mapache? Equal.

?deadly? He tops the list of the best player in the regular stage of the competition with seven, tied with “Oscarinen”. From the Fnatic TQ team, the undisputed leader after winning all matches so far.

My family and friends in the UK are amazed that I am in Barcelona. Everyone knows this club. Is it very special? The British player explains to EFE. Other League of Legends clubs have other sports or electronic divisions, but Barcelona is a historic club. He adds that it is so good that he got into esports?

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damage attack? (ADC) from Barcelona, ​​one of the positions with the most responsibility in the team, says that most days he and his teammates, who live about a 10-minute drive from BIGC, between? Seven or eight hours in the office? . But there are days when the day extends – up to 10 hours if you need to train something?

In any case, there are spaces for rest during the day, such as going to the supermarket to buy something and taking the opportunity to relax a few meters from the coast of Barcelona. That moment usually involves sharing some secrets that go beyond the game and the competition.

The attraction that our Barcelona players found is something that the rest of the teams do not offer them: a technical team with very clear ideas, focused on the very specific sporting values ​​that this club inspires us with. We are adding a lot of professionalism to the sector and we have a great desire to add, says Mapache, the coach, while behind his back the players are training on their computers.

Barcelona’s second place in a few days to finish the regular stage of the spring season will mean, as long as he maintains it, that the pass to the final of the competition (dated March 30 in Seville) can be played with one eliminator against the top seed: Fnatic TQ.

“It was a surprise that the project was good from the start,” admits the Barcelona coach. We expected to go from least to most, but everyone is adding from the start. The challenge is maintaining it over time and continuing to grow?

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? raccoon? He wants to make it clear that “the project is for the medium and long term, to achieve great performance in a year and a half or two years.” In this sense, “All the boys have a lot of room for improvement and really want to get to the top, and the goal now is the process more than the result.”

Barcelona’s arrival in the Superliga, organized by the Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (LVP) of the Mediapro group, came after the club took over the S2V team’s place and paid the licensing cost, less than 500,000 euros.

BIGC was born from the minds of clients, from the projects they requested from us. I’ve been a TV professional for 20 years and this space has been a recording set. Video games are now the new medium of communication and customers have asked us to create content and synthesize all of this, which we introduced later makes sense?

In September 2021, this center reached a commercial agreement with an investment fund from Singapore, Visionist Ventures, and from this union came Gamers Hub Media Events Europe (GHME), a project based on creating video game content and organizing eSports tournaments. Around the world has a subsidiary in Dubai and has become the first sponsor of this division of Barcelona.

? Barça is one of the strongest brands in sports worldwide, it gives us so much credibility and the vision that they are here with us, they believed in this project?, continues Ventura Who? Arena? from BIGC. The 2021 Summer Super League final was held here, which was won by Vodafone Giants.

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