Another gesture of support: Alberto Fernandez, Martin Guz …

President Alberto FernandezIf the epidemic allows it, he will tour Europe next Monday that will last for five days and whose main goal will be to seek support to negotiate with International Monetary Fund. In it, in what is now being interpreted as a clear gesture of support, the Minister of Economy is expected, Martin GuzmanBe one of the heroes of the presidential delegation. They said from the Ministry of Economy Page 12 That “this trip is scheduled to take place together,” and that “that has not changed at all,” after what happened with the resignation request, and the subsequent clarification that “it will be in the next few days,” from the Undersecretary of the Energy Ministry Federico Baswaldo.

There is a process that usually occurs when the government negotiates with the International Monetary Fund and consists of making trips led by the nation’s president to explain Argentina’s position to various world leaders. In this way, it is required that this be turned into support and that the leaders give their approval in the IMF, before any possible consultation, as many of them have the right to vote and a seat on the board of directors.

Before this trip that Fernandez planned for a few days, during which he will visit Spain, France, Portugal and Italy, Guzmán toured Europe as well, where he met with ministers of the economy from different countries. Now, they will make the same journey together again, with the central aim of giving more political volume to the Argentine position.

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They confirmed from the Ministry of Economy in a dialogue with this, “Since the minister has done a very good job on his tour, he will now go to the president to meet with various leaders. It is all part of this negotiation process that was positive.” Newspaper.

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