Announcing the exhibition “Atacamex: Deep Ocean Science”

In mid-April, the calendar of the most relevant activities Interactive Center for Science, Arts and Technology at the University of Concepcion (Cicat UdeC)Until 2022.

Among the initiatives, the exhibition of the future was highlighted: “Atacamex: Deep Ocean Science”in association with Millennium Institute of Oceanography (IMO). Sample given during the day on Tuesday at the offices of Cicat UdeC, located on Avenida Cordillera 3582 de Coronel.

The exhibition, which will be open to the public free of charge, will become relevant, because it is held within the framework of the general science competition of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, and is inspired by the successful oceanographic expeditions “Atacamex” and “Atacama Hadal” carried out in recent years by the Maritime Organization International off the coast of Chile.

And about the importance of the exhibition, which will be available to the public starting in August, Seremi of Sciences, Sofía Valenzuelaexplained thatIt seeks to bring science closer to boys and girls, because in some way it is difficult to convey all the research that is done in universities, so, through this kind of interactive exhibition, we will bring all the current reality closer to eight thousand meters deep in the ocean, which is very important ” .

from UdeC, Vice Rector for Relations with the Environment, Claudia MuñozNote that “Those who visit will be able to share the experience of what it means to explore the Atacama Trench by IMO scientists, a contribution to scientific culture and a fascinating experience of universal value to science being conducted in Chile, especially from Biobío in the field of oceanography“.

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Regarding the role played by UdeC in this type of activity, the Vice-Chancellor Muñoz stressed that “one of the tasks of the University of Concepción is to be able to socialize the sciences from the academy, so that it reaches everyone in the country.“.

Contributing to knowledge

The specimen that explores the depths of the ocean explains, from a scientific point of view, oceanographer UdeC and researcher at IMO, Rubén Escribano, “what one hopes to find in this lost world and how important it is to do science, because it is a feat for humans to be able to reach a hostile limit.” Like the depth of the sea floor.”

Meanwhile, from Cicat UdeC, director Juan Carlos Gacitúa explained that “it is critical to reopen the doors for 2022, not only because what has been presented is a milestone in science, but because the region has a tremendous strength in ocean research and bringing that into the community.” It allows us to tell a story of our own in an interactive way, so I invite everyone to get to know this unknown space as the depth of the ocean.”

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