Anna’s Creation: An Ex-Girlfriend’s Criticism of Anna Sorokin Against Netflix

Since the premiere last Friday 11 February Anna’s creation (Inventing Anna) is the most watched movie on Netflix. The series is based on the amazing story of Anna Sorokin, a young Russian woman who posed as a German heiress named Anna Davy during his stay in the United States.

Like many others, Netflix found Anna’s story fascinating, so she decided to put it on screen in a series he created Shonda Rhimes starring Julia GarnerAnd Anna Klumsky Katie LouiseAnd Alexis flyods Laverne Cox. While most of the series is based on a true story, as it was inspired by a New York Times article, “How Anna (Sorokin) Delphi Fooled the New York Party People” by Jessica Pressler, other aspects are fictional.

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