Anna Sorokin, a Russian scammer, has been released from prison and is making a series on Netflix

Anna Sorokin, a deceitful Russian artist who pretended to be the heir to a businessman to deceive the entire New York elite, was released from prison for good behavior after nearly three and a half years.

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Anna Sorokin was released Thursday from Albion Correctional Facility in upstate New York. In May 2019, she had been sentenced to between 4 and 12 years in prison for devising a scheme in which she pretended to be a millionaire German heiress named Anna Delphi, using this alleged status, to take money from banks and other financial institutions.

Her verdict was issued by a Manhattan court who found her Guilty of eight fraud crimes between 2016 and 2017. During that time he managed to steal about $ 275,000.

In addition to serving his sentence, he was ordered to pay approximately $ 200,000 USD in compensation for the fraud committed as well as a fine of $ 24,000 USD.

His sentence included the time he spent in the Rikers Island prison prior to his trial, which was shortened for good behavior. Sorokin was released on parole, according to the records of the Department of Corrections. This legal requirement will last for 10 years.

In an interview with Agence France-Presse, his lawyer, Audrey Thomas, said that Sorocking “cannot even open a bank account without permission from the parole committee.” Thomas did not want to disclose whether Sorokin would be deported to Germany, as required by law because she had an expired tourist visa when she was convicted.

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The young scammer has created a new Twitter account after her release under the name Anna Delvey. She tweeted a press release to a Manhattan County attorney about her conviction.

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He wrote, “Good job @ ManhattanDA.”

His new account résumé only says “I’m back.” She also re-created an Instagram account, which has been very active since its launch, sharing photos and posts.

Anna has reopened her social media accounts and has been very active since her release.

“You don’t know how exhausting the prison is,” he wrote on his bed, wearing huge sunglasses between clean sheets. Many fans welcomed her and treated her as a “queen”.

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According to Insider last month, Sorokin paid compensation to his victims using the $ 320,000 he received from Netflix, which produces a limited series of his scams.

Sorokin is also appealing against the charges against him despite his release from prison. His lawyers say the money he owed to banks was a civil dispute and fell short of a crime.

Audrey Thomas, Sorokin’s lawyer, said earlier that she wanted to “clear her name, and that is important.” “It is in his interest to continue the appeal because his entire identity is at stake.”

Sorokin, 30, invented a new identity upon arriving in the United States in 2016 Sorokin, 30, invented a new identity upon arriving in the United States in 2016

Sorokin, 30, invented a new identity upon arriving in the US in 2016, posing as an heir when she was, in fact, the daughter of a former Russian truck driver who moved to Germany when she was 16.

With insidious lies and a self-confidence unheard of, the young woman, who said her name was Anna Delphi, sought a $ 22 million loan to set up a private club, and got several banks to leave her tens of thousands of dollars.

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The Netflix series preparing about his life and his plan to defraud the elite in New York will soon be seen and “Ozark” star Julia Garner will be another successful production of the audiovisual platform.

Although filming was delayed due to the epidemic, filming activities resumed this year.

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