Anglicanism in the United Kingdom and official secularism in Spain

The continuing decline in the moral and ethical level of the once-Christian Western society is a direct result of it undergoing a deliberate and calculated process of ending Christianization, which was exacerbated in Spain under the pretext of its need for a process of democratization, and more. Specifically from the “nulling the franchise.” Under the argument for religious freedom, it was considered a necessary step to put an end to all traces of so-called “national Catholicism” as it was considered a direct complement to the Franco, with the approval of much of the ecclesiastical hierarchy at the time, with Cardinal Tarancon as the supreme authority. This strategy was revealed during the transitional period and especially in the constitutional debate in the Cortes, where the removal of any hint of official Catholicism was sought despite the fact that over 90% of Spaniards identified themselves as Catholics. It is appropriate to insist that it was argued that it was a requirement of democratization necessary for entry into the then European Economic Community (EEC), which has been proven incorrect. That policy sought to put an end to Spain’s deep Christian roots, which are closely linked to our national and historical identity, as recognized by authoritative historians who are not necessarily believers, from Menéndez Pidal to Sanchez Albornos, including Julian Marías, among others, because It is an objective fact in the eyes of those who approach its study without fixed prejudices. It is necessary to remember now that the United Kingdom is in the midst of current events, and that religious freedom and membership in the European Union do not prohibit the existence of countries with official religions, such as Greece with the Orthodox religion recognized as the official religion, even Great Britain, before Brexit, , where the Queen and the King are now the highest authority of the Anglican Church and kings must profess this religion as such. There we verify that the constant reference to God by politicians, especially on the occasion of a grandiose planned state funeral, is assumed quite naturally, and contrasts with the aggressive secularism that is supposed to be imposed in Spain by the radical left in government and its stations before the opposition to that debate did not arise.

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