Android: How to use Spotify music in alarm clock

the Alarm clocks The most classic models (those with hands and even supermodels with a campaign of clicks) are no longer usable in the age of smart phones. Now, a few taps on the screen are enough to set the alarm that wakes us up in the morning and after a comfortable nap for the lucky ones. Cell phones are part of the bedside table.

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on devices with Android We found a list Default sounds for alert, including the classic “beep whistling” and even a cock crowing. Did you know that it is also possible Choose a song from the catalog spotify? Google’s mobile operating system has a native option to do this in a few steps.

How to Use Spotify Music as Alarm on Android

The first step is to touch the time that appears on the home screen or search for “hourIn the list of applications. There we will find a section Alarms on android, with different configuration parameters.

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As you can see in the following screenshot, below the initials of the week appears the item to choose the bell that will wake us up.

to: (Photo: Captura TN Tecno)

In addition to those that arrive by default on Android, We can choose content from Spotify. Even from that screen we can search for songs and/or artists on the flow Music, without having to “go” to the respective app.

Android: How to use Spotify music in alarm clock
to: (Photo: Captura TN Tecno)

This way, when the alarm sounds, we will hear the chosen song: yes, it can be any song available on Spotify. One detail to keep in mind: Being a Googler, you will naturally also be presented with the option to choose a tune from that company’s owned YouTube Music service.

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In addition to choosing the melody or sound for the alarm, in this section of the operating system it is also possible to add advantages Google AssistantVoice assistant on Android. For example, the user can indicate that after verbally indicating the weather for the day, they should review the activities mentioned in the agenda, find out the traffic status and name reminders, among other options. In any case, you can also adjust whether the phone will vibrate when you hear a “ring” sound (or any song).

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