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It is considered one of the best operating systems for mobile devices, as this program, developed by the technology giant Google, contains a variety of functions that most users still do not know because they are hidden among the settings. One of these tools allows you to open your favorite app after double pressing on the back of the smartphone, how do I do that? We will explain that below.

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This is the “gesture” function, only available for mobile phones with the function Likewise, since it is a native tool for this operating system, it will not be necessary to download additional applications from the Google Play Store or from third-party sites.

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How to open any app after double tapping on the back of your ANDROID mobile phone

  • First, enter “Settings” or “Settings” of your cell phone AndroidYou’ll find it accompanied by a cogwheel or gear icon.
  • Several tools will open, click on the tool that says “System”.
  • In this part, touch the “Gestures” section.
  • Here you will see a section called “Quick Touch”, tap on it.
  • Turn on the “Use quick touch” switch.
  • Scroll down a little in this section and you will see several options, for example, make two touches Android 12 It will allow you to “Take a screenshot”, “Access the digital assistant”, “Play or pause content”, “Show recent apps”, “Show notifications”, “Open the application”, and of course click on the last option.
  • Next to “Open the app,” tap the gear icon.
  • Finally, choose the app of your choice to open each time you make two taps in the back.
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Ready, so you can open your favorite application whenever you want, the trick is very useful in different occasions, for example, when you are manipulating the smartphone with one hand.

How do I know if my Android mobile phone battery is in good condition

  • from your cell phone Android The first thing you should do is go to the Calls section.
  • Now, write the code ##4636##.
  • When you press Connect, a menu with battery information will appear.
  • Under the options, you will see a “Battery Health” or “Battery Status” section.
  • when you touch it, Android It will tell you that it will show a percentage.
  • If it is above 95%, it means that the battery is well preserved.

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