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There are many people who use Not only to be able to chat, but also play games, watch social networks and even read a book. However, there are some details that you should know about your cell phone to know 100% whether or not you have already been hacked.

As you know, when we download third-party software or APK files, we are not only installing the application, but also various components that can harm us. and even steal personal information or contact numbers that we have registered. How do I know? Here we tell you.

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4 numbers you should call on your Android phone to know if your phone has been hacked

  • ## 002 #: In the event that your mobile phone is hacked, through this code you will be able to redirect incoming calls from attackers.
  • *#62#: With this code, you can access the entire list of calls that have been forwarded and thus not entered your device. There you can decide if you really want to continue the process or disable it.
Some codes allow you to block certain calls from hackers. (Photo: Mag – Rommel Yupanke)
  • *#Twenty one#: By dialing this code on your cell phone, you will be able to know if data, calls and messages are transferred.
  • *#06#: Here you can access your IMEI code. Hackers often tend to modify this section. Try to compare it to the number on the box to avoid inconveniences.

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What are the symptoms of an Android phone hack?

Among the signs that your phone has been hacked are, details:

  • popups.
  • Unknown texts or calls.
  • High data usage.
  • The battery drains faster than usual.
  • Hot phone.
  • low performance.
  • Websites look weird.
  • Unexpected charges on your phone bill.
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  • Every time you tap on Reading Mode on your Android phone, you will see that your screen turns yellow.
  • This way you can lower the white levels on your Android device, so that you can read all your notifications and, why not, your books on your cell phone.
  • The difference between the Blue Filter is that the Reading Mode comes from a single shade, while the Blue Filter can be gradient.
  • You can also select Reading Mode to quickly change your cell phone tone to black and white.

How do you clean cell phone slots?

What you need to do is to take some pieces of putty and install them in different slots of your mobile phone. It is important not to apply too much pressure to the putty to prevent it from sticking to the inside. It is enough to pass it a little so that dirt sticks to it, and it determines the location .

How to clean the speaker from the mobile phone?

Using a soft-bristled brush, with consistent but not too strong strokes, can help us remove dust and dirt. Try to use the shallow part of the brush, rather than trying to push the bristles deeply into the speaker holes, so as not to damage the mesh and website details. .

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