Andrea Janeiro receives a message while Gésouline d’Aubric triumphs on television

Andrea Janeiro She saw her suspicions confirmed about the person who had always cared for her. Belén’s daughter received a public letter that undoubtedly touched her heart. While his father, Jesolin From Ubrique, sweeps Celebrity Masterchef.

It was not the right-hand man who showed himself to his eldest daughter; Belen Esteban He broke his promise again. Although the reason on this occasion is worth it, because the collaborator can’t help but miss her.

Andrea Janeiro and the letter she had just received

Andrea Janeiro He headed to Los Angeles after spending a few days during the summer in our country. The young woman works in the United States, where she lives a completely anonymous life.

His mother did not miss the opportunity to go see her new home and bragged about it on social media. However, despite the pride he feels for his daughter, he cannot help but break down in her absence.

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This was demonstrated by the collaborator with a message on her networks dedicated to Andrea. He posted: “I miss you, but I am happy for you, my life. You are the best thing in my life, and my greatest pride, you.” Although Andrea made it clear that she did not want him to mention her, Belén’s motherly love managed to overcome this prohibition.

This contrasts with the cooler and somewhat more remote setting Jesolin. extorero competes in Chef, where, surprisingly, he seems to be in very good condition. He performs with ease and stays in the competition ready to win.

However, in his success he seems not to remember Andrea, who did not devote a few words to him, even if they were indirect. Jesolin D’Aubric had promised not to mention Andretta, which is why he didn’t talk about her.

Although he could have sent a veiled message, the truth is that Maria’s husband José Campanario would rather not risk it. We will see how things develop later when the contestants’ families take center stage in the competition.

Andrea Janeiro has no relationship with Jessouline d’Aubric

Andrea is no stranger to the cost of living away from her mother. Although it is true that he finished his studies in the UK and they were much closer than now. They are separated by a large ocean and a completely different life.

All this time he was away from Jesolin Of Ubrik, but this is nothing new for her. Since his parents separated, he has not had any contact with the bullfighter.

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It looks like the young woman is feeling pretty good while working in Los Angeles, but that didn’t stop mother and daughter from having their best summer together. The collaborator traveled to the United States to be with Andrea and see some of the country’s most emblematic sites.

Photo of Jesulín de Ubrique with an annoyed face on MasterChef Celebrity 8 during his discussion with Toñi Moreno


They enjoyed concerts and cities like Las Vegas or Chicago. Meanwhile, in Spain, Jesolin He was preparing for his return to television as a contestant Chef. It’s a big challenge for the extorero and he seems to be overcoming it with flying colours.

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I was actually surprised at the challengeWhere he had the support of his wife and daughter, Julia. On that occasion it was rumored that Andrea was also present, albeit behind the cameras. Now, in the culinary talent, there will also be a place for families.

We may see Campanario come to the set to try out some of her husband’s creations. Which we certainly won’t get the chance to see will be her eldest daughter Jesolin.

Aware that his eldest son wants to be an unknown person, Belén’s ex made it very clear that Andrea’s name would not appear. Therefore, to this day, he has not sent him any message so that he does not break his promise.

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