Andrea Estevez met the Hollywood star and fell in love with the photo

“I admired him in all his films.”manifested Andrea Estevez After he personally met his idol. “Nice to meet you in Los Angeles, The Rock, so charismatic”He completed.

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Andrea Estevez met Dwayne Johnson, known worldwide as “The Rock”, in Hollywood.

Both actors had heartwarming dialogue and that magical exchange of words really highlighted. “Thank you for those words. Dwayne Johnson is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood.”summarized.

After his scandalous separation from Juan Manuel Garcia, Where he fought to support his daughter HannahAnd Andrea He decided to continue his life in the United States, where he would raise the girl and continue his artistic career.

However, the quarantine imposed by the epidemic was a very difficult period for her, as she could not pursue her acting career and had to change her job for a few months. “This has nothing to do with me: I’m an importer. I attend and do business. Here I painted to do more business than artwork. I got an import license and I’m bringing a winery from Argentina here, I already have a contract and I have an office”He noted in his press notes.

He also talked about his business side. “I launched my brand here for handbags and shoes, called ‘Hannah by Andrea Estevez.’ At the moment I sell online and am looking to set up a booth in some mall. I have 200 million jobs. I can not anymore. I also set up an apartment for rent to tourists.”I finish.

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