Andrea Chaparro: Who is the Mexican actress, her series and films

It is clear that Andrea Chaparro rose to fame thanks the rebel. How was your previous version doing it, RBDWith performers such as Maite Perroni or Alfonso Herrera, the new version of the series, more current and now in a streaming format, has served as a springboard for the young artists now starring in this new story at Elite Way School. But the young actress should not be rated in her most popular role and it will be a matter of time before she is ranked as one of the most popular Mexican actresses.

Going from a young promise to a reality in this season 2 of Serial, RebelThe an actress Will endeavor to support more projects to stand out not only in His role as MJbut in more productions, like the one she debuted in Netflix From the hand of Manolo Caro. But, while these products arrive, we totally agree with Reboot Rebel Everything that is new and refreshing that Mexican women leave us on the screen.

Who is Andrea Chaparro?

Andrea Chaparro in the movie Rebel.Mayra Ortiz / Netflix

Andrea Chaparro he is Mexican actress She is mainly known for her role as the main character of the series Rebel 2022. His artistic career began at a young age when he decided to follow in his footsteps His father is an actor and comedian Omar Chaparro Enter CEA (Centre for Technical Education, Televisa) and graduate after only 13 years. Later she was able to be recognized for her performance in films and series, mainly at the hands of the broadcasting giant, Netflix.

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How old is Andrea Chaparro?

Andrea Chaparro has 20 years. Be part of the wave of young talents who have seen their careers born and grow in streaming services.

Where is Andrea Chaparro from?

The actress was born on January 26, 2002, in Chihuahua, Mexico. Although after completing his time at CEA, he moved to Los Angeles, California to finish his studies. She is the eldest of two brothers, Sofia and Omar Emiliano. And their parents Lucia Ruiz de la Pena s Omar Chaparro.

In which series and movies was Andrea Chaparro involved?

At just 10 years old, the Mexican made her debut as an actress as part of the play Mary PoppinsHe came to prominence with a leading role alongside Bianca Marroquín. Also, he was a part of the Mexican reality show The Voice Kids Mexico. Until, years later, she returned to Mexico, after a period in the United States, to play the role of Ines in the film and finale of the hit Manolo Caro series, House of Flowers, the movie.

In 2022, it was added to the new version of the rebelConquer the locals and strangers in MG character. The success that took her to the international level by announcing her as part of the cast Across the seathe sequel to the hit Spanish film via My Window, also on Netflix.

What is Andrea Chaparro’s character in Rebelde?

Andrea Chaparro and Jerónimo Cantillo in the first season of Rebelde.

Mayra Ortiz / Netflix

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