Andrea Barrera, Chilean recognized as one of the “25 Women in Science 2023”

technology research company 15:00 He was awarded the “25 Women in Latin American Science” award, which recognizes outstanding scientists from Latin America. In its 2023 edition, the Chilean world Andrea Barrera Its contribution to the environment has been recognized.

The Academy of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Talca was distinguished for its research on the growth of organisms in extreme environments, as well as for its contribution to Popularization of science.

The biologist is an expert in microbiology and genetic engineering and among the various topics she has studied are her work with microorganisms in extreme environments, such as Antarctica or the Atacama, and the potential for exoplanet growth.

His project addresses Biocrust, which helps nearby plants grow, acting as ecosystem engineers, and is key to achieving plant growth in uninhabitable places. He is currently evaluating whether it is possible to obtain plants in the conditions of exoplanets, such as Mars.

On the other hand, Barrera is working on a book of children’s stories with the history of great scientists and scientists, which is being prepared for publication.

The researcher is one of four women chosen to represent Chile, along with engineers Jocelyn Dunstan (Catholic University), Andrina Garcia and robotics expert Carolina Ojeda (University of Biobio).

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