Andrade called on the government to “listen to science and end pride”.

Front Senator Amblio insisted that “no one is against freedom”. “Spending energy to attack the opposition complicates the dialogue,” he added.

Oscar Andrade was one of the many leaders of the Amplio Front who criticized the president after his conference last night. “The worst hour of the epidemic in our country. The answer is not listening to science. Do not take any action. Ironically, refer to the doctors. Spending energy in attacking the opposition complicates the dialogue. You can see that there is a lot of vanity and a lack of height.”

In addition, the Communist Senator quotes the words spoken today by the Director of the Pasteur Institute, Carlos Pattiaani. The specialist stated that “with these measures, we will not control the epidemic again.”

With this scenario in mind, the broad front stated: “You can say louder, but not more clearly. Nobody is against freedom. We just have to answer that we will not be prepared to do this to avoid the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of Uruguayans. Chikana is enough. To knowledge and ending pride. “

“Managing you and your bubble”

Meanwhile, Mayor Patricia Surya added her name to the list of leaders who had criticized the president’s intervention. Andrade kept saying, “Why would a new press conference be announced if it was going to rain in the wet?” The blank slogan to protect April is insisted, and responsibility remains delegated to the public. The president asserts: “If people insist on keeping them moving, the man Shaking their shoulders. “Let’s do, let’s cross.”

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He later added, “Obviously, I do not expect a set of Batlist workers’ proposals that focus on the mass of work. But in any case, never stop surprising and disturb that conference after the conference to emphasize you in the face you are dealing with. Manage yourself and your bubble.”

He later added: “Manage yourself and your bubble while an SMS message containing the date of vaccination arrives. Manage yourself while you are at home and you have to work remotely while taking care of the dependents and the home that comes your way. Can’t you work remotely? Be the same and don’t Insists. “

In conclusion, he considered: “The measures are sufficient if they are adhered to and there is care,” the president said. The GACH Coordinator General tells us that this is not enough. It’s not enough just to get vaccinated (or being on the waiting list) just not having a mask is enough. The state should control its handles. It is now. “

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