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Anna Delphi

Anna Sorokin, better known as Anna Delphi, the “Netflix crook”, because her story led to the creation of a series for this streaming platform, has been placed under house arrest. As is known, she was accused of several crimes, including millionaire fraud.

He was imprisoned twice from 2017 to the present. Now the decision not to be behind bars and to be able to be home to serve his sentence appears to be a final decision. But he has new plans that still attract the attention of the general public. What about? Will he achieve his goal?

Anna Delphi
Anna Delphi

Anna Delphi“Netflix crook”,You want to avoid deportation to Germany. Remember that she was born in this country. He is 31 years old and has spent a year and a half in a New York detention center run by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The New York Times gave him an exclusive interview where he was honest about everything. And, of course, the woman there made it clear that she wanted to stay in the US at the house she owned in Manhattan. “Allowing me to be deported was a sign of surrender, confirmation of this perception of me as a petty person who only cares about obscene wealth, which is not reality,” he explained.

Anna Delphi
Anna Delphi seeks to avoid deportation to Germany.

“I could have left, but I chose not to because I am trying to make up. I have a lot of history in New York and I feel if I were in Europe I would be running away from something.”

The truth of Sorokin’s story is that she is the daughter of a truck driver and a shopkeeper. In 2007 they moved to Germany, but they were from Russia. During his time in New York, he managed to deceive many celebrities and financial elites.

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She pretended to be the heiress of a supposedly millionaire family. His net worth is assumed to be $60 Million. He created a life of luxury and this made his lies more and more credible to his victims.

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Anna Delphi
Anna Delphi, “Netflix Hustler”

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