An open world to play with friends

Ubisoft expands Watch Dogs’ reach with cooperative missions and competitive battles.

It has been done for prayers but we finally have a release date for multiplayer mode Watch the Dogs Corps, Which will be available to all players who own this open world action game from March 9. What can we expect from this new business Ubisoft? In addition to being able to explore London with friends, a few new missions have been explicitly created to take advantage of Cooperative play.

Watch Dogs Legion: Online comes along with co-op missions that require precision and coordinationVery soon, in 3DJuegos you will have some first impressions of Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer game in which we will tell you in detail about our feelings after sharing adventures with other players in this miserable open world, but at first, it sheds light on how fun it is to explore the streets of London together for friends , As all the craze you can do alone is now doubles by four, which is the number of players who can make a team.

But far from chaos and random piracy, the good thing about Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer game is that it comes with a number of co-op missions that require Accuracy and coordination, With goals that can separate the group by moving its members to different points on the map, with their own challenges, and even tasks that must be executed in a simultaneous manner. The whole city of London is filled Public events, challenges and missions In locations already seen in the story mode campaign, there are other, more difficult challenges that promise to make us enjoy the experience even more.

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Tactical operations It is a series of tasks that have their own history and are characterized by high difficulty, and teamwork is essential if you do not want to fail at the first turn. These are – in particular – the tasks that compel us to take full advantage of our hacker capabilities, and combine them with those of the rest of the team. Missions here take place in places that could drastically change the streets of London, like a neighborhood in disarray due to a deadly drone attack. As in the campaign, we can Recruiting any citizen, And improve their special equipment and skills as we earn points and money. In between, we can challenge other players in mini-games like darts or ball touches, or even fight to the death in competitive arenas with robot spiders as champions.

If you want to discover all that this latest work from Ubisoft has to offer, feel free to consult análisis de Watch Dogs Legion.

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