An old hotel in the city center was raped and a young man admits that he steals copper and cables there to “eat”

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A group of San Juan area residents revealed at 1000 on Tuesday that an abandoned hotel doubles as a home. Alleged rejection. when From 12 to 14 He went into the building and met Lucas, a 28-year-old man who said he slept there because he had no roof. Adding that He steals copper and brass from there, to sell and eat.

I understand that it is not my home, that it is not my home. I sleep on the second floor, which is the most salvageable. I go broke, I burn cable and yet I have to eat, and I buy soap. I understand that there is a risk of collapse however Instead of shitting on the street, I prefer this. More help I need a job. I wouldn’t lose a job for nothing. Lucas narrated in front of the El Tres cameras.

The young man specified it
He sells a kilo of bronze for 2,100 pesos and a kilo of bronze for 900. “Little by little I am adding,” he said, adding that he also sells tissues in the centre.

The case of the usurped hotel in central Rosario (Alan Monzón / Rosario3)

“The only number I have is 3412800183, which is my mother’s number. My family is poor and that is why they cannot help me either.”

For their part, the population called Televisión Litoral They mentioned that about a month ago, the entrance to the abandoned hotel was broken.And since then they hear noises at midnight and at dawn.

Lucas in front of the downtown hotel (Alan Monzón / Rosario3)

“It (entry) was sealed. Someone breached it and entered. Nobody charges them if they are homeless, but it is illegal. We need security We have nine complaints in court and on Paraguay Street, in the second police station. I have all the records. This comes a month, a month and a half ago. A neighbor said, “Simply talk to the gentlemen, find a house, lock the door, and be done with it.”

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