An island in Scotland can be bought for $190,000

If you have ever dreamed of escaping from the daily routine and going to a remote place where no one can disturb you, There is a place on earth that can fulfill this purpose.

the Barlocco Islandlocated off the south coast of ScotlandIt is a small uninhabited area. You can get it for $190,000.

(Outside tourism will gain gains over domestic tourism.)

There is still a very romantic feeling in having your own private Scottish island, where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some peace and quiet in the most beautiful scenery.Galbraith Group agent Aaron Edgar said in a statement reported by CNN.

The probability that the owner will be able to move around every day is very low, in contrast to large cities. This is because the nearest city to that place is 10 kilometers away. The nearest train station is Dumfries, which is an hour away by bus.

(These are the nominations for Colombia in the “Tourist Oscars”).

This place, overgrown with green grasses and huge rocky ledges extending into the sea, Its area is about 10 hectares; However, in this there is no single construct. It only contains a pond which provides water for livestock and wildlife during the cold British winter months.

The island has remained that way because no one has officially come forward to build there.Therefore, it is the buyer’s responsibility to make an inquiry about the possibilities of building something under the supervision of the authorities.

(In February, income from tourism increased by 12%).

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When the tide goes out, you can get to the island Walkingin Tractor or in Quad bike without any problem. It also has a pebble beach where you can moor a boat.

Barlocco Island is located in a location that has intrigued many scientists and has been identified as being of particular interest to United kingdomBecause many species of flora and fauna converge in the area, it is a very popular destination Atlantic gabions And exotic plants such as Rock sea lavender.

(“Exorbitant costs in tourism services do not give up”: Anato).

Edgar stresses that expectations for this work are very high. “We have seen strong demand for entire private islands from both local and international clients and have managed to sell several in Scotland“.


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