An influencer dined at Lionel Messi's restaurant, spent €450 and was happy with a special dish

A Spanish influencer visited Messi's restaurant in Andorra and liked a particular dish. (Photos and video: cenandoconpablo-TikTok)

One of the great works you have Lionel Messi What distinguishes it most is… His restaurant in Andorra is called “Hincha”.. With an aesthetic related to football, it has many sporting nods and also to Argentine dishes. Therefore, it is the place that influencers usually visit and in the last few hours A video has gone viral where a popular content creator was surprised by a certain dish.

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Spanish influencer “Cenando con Pablo” tours restaurants and makes comments on his Instagram and TikTok accounts. In this case, while walking through Andorra, he found the perfect time to visit Messi's rest stop and did not hesitate.

Lionel Messi Restaurant serves many Argentinian dishes. (Image: Like).

Throughout the video, they tried several dishes from the menu, but the highlight of the review was when they tried the meat, a house specialty. These dishes are prepared Spanish style practically raw. for this reason, The food that got all the praise was a very special one: Japanese wagyu.

Wagyu has become a developing trend in European restaurants and cannot be left out of the top 10 menu. “This is meat for me “It's something you should experience at least once in your life.”Hurry up and get out.

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The ultimate ticket to a meal at Lionel Messi's restaurant in Andorra. (Photo: Dinner capture with Pablo)

but, The only dish he didn't like was the one Leo particularly pointed out: Messi's pasta.. “I feel sorry for Lionel Messi, but I won't do it again.”

How could it not be otherwise? They tried the “Golden Ball”, one of the star dishes, worth 28 euros, but it did not live up to expectations: “This is crazy, huh. It seems more fun to me than having fun saying, ‘Oh, what candy.’” And at the end of the video they showed that They spent €450 on the entire meal between two people.

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