An astronaut spotted mysterious ‘blue spots’ in Earth’s atmosphere

NASA Earth Observatory Share a photo taken by an astronaut of “two blue dots” above Earth’s atmosphereobtained during the 66th expedition of International Space Station (EEI).

Although it draws attention Dr.. that these two unrelated natural phenomena occurred at the same time: Thunderstorm moon glare. Although the picture dates back to 2021, it wasn’t released until a year later.

Blue spots captured by NASA

According to the captions of the image released by the US space agency, The light seen in the Gulf of Thailand was caused by a storm. Although thunderstorms are covered with clouds and cannot be seen from the International Space Station, This powerful group of rays generated an extraordinary effect.

For its part, the other blue spot – in the South China Sea – was produced by in the moonlight. It is possible that the satellite was in a direction where the light reflected from the sun passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, scattering some fine particles.

It is also visible in the background of the image The circular shape of Hainan Islandthe southernmost province in China, as well as Gorgeous network of artificial lights from Thailand, at the bottom left. German media reported that the latter is responsible for the country’s large light pollution.

Blue spots captured by NASA
Blue spots captured by NASA

Other notable light sources are those from Vietnam, while The orange aura parallel to the curvature of the Earth is the edge of the atmospherewhat is generally known as the “end of the Earth” when viewed from space, the Earth Observatory explained.

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When visible light interacts with particles in the atmosphere, This can cause them to get distracted. Since blue is the shortest wavelength, it is likely to spread more. This explains why this color is present at both points – as well as the sky.


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