An Argentine emigrated to Germany and was thwarted by a particular detail: “Study…”

Argentine immigrant living in Germany Almost a year ago he released the details our country misses the most. In the registry, I gave private recommendation For someone who wants to live abroad. The video was uploaded to networks and spread quickly.

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in your account TwitterAnd @employeeshare the clip you watched on it Tik Tok. On the record, a Cordoba explained while crying over her A bad experience in Europe. It turns out that she traveled at the end of 2022 and since then, can not communicate With people because they do not understand the language. Frustrated with the situation, she films herself and gives advice to her followers.

The Argentinian living in Germany became frustrated at his inability to communicate. (Video: Twitter/@gonsanchezrey)

My biggest piece of advice as an immigrant is: I study Englishdon’t stay with the fact that you will get a job without a language because you will get jobs from m…”, he said. Later, he explained his experience in the European country. “I also came to Germany thinking of getting a job, which I still had for eight months…but Not being able to connect with someone or wanting to look for something better, the truth is, it’s pretty uglycommented.

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Before he ends, he once again stresses the importance of language learning. He said, “Don’t be satisfied, because that really opens doors for you.” The video tweet reached more than 2,500 users.

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