An applied scientific project made it possible to identify the train that disturbs the sleep of residents of a neighborhood in the city of Tarragona

An applied scientific project in citizen affairs promoted by a research group from Rovira Virgili University (URV) showed “changes in health and sleep” in the neighborhood Seraglioin Tarragona, which dates back to A Old train Which causes noise late at night.

As reported on Friday by URV, among Four and five in the morningThe first sounds of a freight train, popularly known as “Titmouse“, which disturbs the rest of the residents of the Tarragona neighborhood.

This has been proven by the Soundless project, promoted by URV, which measured levels Noise Changes in heart rate and sleep patterns, associated with nighttime decibel increases of up to… Double the peaks The maximum allowed by the World Health Organization.

In the first phase of this initiative in 2022, data was collected in different regions of TarragonaBut in light of the results obtained, they decided to focus the focus on the Serralo neighborhood, where the highest noise levels were detected.

Thus, in this second phase of the project, it was distributed among the thirty neighbors closest to the train tracks. Smart bracelets Which detects various health parameters associated with heart rate and sleep stages.

90 dB

All of these parameters were measured without interruption night after night during the latter half of 2023, and data was obtained that revealed that there are times when 90 dB, Double the maximum allowed. This results in significant changes in the volunteers' heart rate and sleep pattern.

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But the results also made it possible to determine the time when this disturbance occurred – between four and five in the morning – which led to the discovery of the train making these sounds: an “old and obsolete” vehicle in motion. goods Between the docks of the port of Tarragona.

“We were able to detect the exact moment when the discomfort occurs, and thus identify its source. But in addition, we measured individual sensitivity to noise,” explained Pedro García, a researcher in the Department of Computer Engineering and Mathematics. In URV.

Possible solutions

In this sense, the data confirmed that levels above 45 dB change the situation Heart rate Or wake up most users. “This also allowed us to understand more precisely how each person responds to noise and what the maximum permissible threshold is,” added Garcia, who led the research.

The results of the project will be presented next Tuesday at the Sierralo Fishermen's Association, where they will also be informed of the meeting they will hold in the morning with those responsible for the project. municipality From Tarragona to find a solution.

According to URV, in the short term this train will be proposed Stop traffic at night Or they change the machine to an electric one, thus eliminating the passage of goods convoys through the neighborhoods of Tarragona and redirecting this movement towards the interior of the province, thus avoiding its passage through the cities.

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