An American company offers remote work to Argentines

Although this method was thriving during the pandemic, today companies and workers are prioritizing this method of working.

he Distance working It provides convenience to both companies and workers, and the pandemic has brought significant progress in this type of employment, which is currently the preferred option for many. he Home office It helps employees reduce transportation costs and meet schedules with less effort while giving them the opportunity to do their work from home or from any preferred location with a good internet connection.

Add to these benefits a competitive dollar salary, and the offer becomes almost irresistible. On this occasion, American Chameleon Companyis actively looking for employees to fill specialized positions, providing good employment conditions.

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Distance working.


Remote Work Dollars: What a Job Opening Looks Like

The vacancy is A Remote technical support engineer jobFull time and has flexible hours. The salary is $90,000 annually, which is equivalent to $7,500 per month, which is a much higher amount than the average salary, and more if we compare it to salaries in our country.

The tasks to be developed are:

  • Help customers looking for solutions in a friendly manner that conveys support
  • Create bonds of trust with customers by understanding their problems and transferring knowledge
  • Providing effective solutions to a wide range of problems
  • Analyze issues to discover root causes by reviewing the code base and any relevant data in the database
  • Effectively represent the company in front of customers, attend meetings with them and, if necessary, act as a technician in sales meetings.
  • Work with internal teams to document errors and provide feedback on improvements to equipment and/or tools to improve product quality
  • Contribute to the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the comprehensive knowledge base for problem solving
  • Share developments and insights with fellow support engineers, customer success managers, sales team, and other product professionals to foster a supportive and collaborative environment.
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Remote work in dollars: requirements for vacancies

To apply for the vacant position published by the company, the following are required:

  • Speak English fluently orally and in writing
  • – Two years of experience in a technical support or engineering position
  • At least 1 year of experience working in a SaaS startup with 50+ employees
  • Extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Ability to recognize and troubleshoot complex API structures
  • Knowledge and fluency in using browser console and other debugging tools
  • Empathize with clients, their goals, challenges, and situations


Weremote, a site for searching and applying for remote jobs.

Weremote, a site for searching and applying for remote jobs.

Remote work for dollars: how to apply for a vacancy

To apply for this vacancy there are two options. The first is from A page away, press the “Apply” button and follow the indicated steps. The second option is to enter Chameleon profile On the same page and search for “Technical Support Engineer”.

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