Among us will be 15 players and more colors for the crew

There is no date for the upgrades to arrive, but Innersloth insists they will arrive faster than its predecessors.

one of Big hits The year 2020 was Between us, The video game from an independent studio Inersloth. The title, released in 2018, underwent an incredible resurrection and came along 60 million players dailyAbsolute anger. The sudden and unexpected popularity of the game brought the studio focus Title improvement It is included They came to cancel between us 2.

Well, that commitment to making the game between us bigger still exists and Innersloth announced Upcoming improvements in the future The famous video game. First, the game will appear Rooms for 15 playersWhich will make the games more interesting and complex. We don’t know if this will change the game in any way (for example, there is another imposter), but everything could be so.

It will show the next big update as well New colors for the crew, To be able to customize our cute persona even more. Plus, Innersloth reconfirmed something he had commented on in the past: They’re going for it Improving the art style. Some users were worried that the game would be completely different, but it wouldn’t:It won’t change much! It will just be a little cleaner to make it easier to move. ” Innersloth explained.

There is no date for the update, but it is expected to take less than the previous oneAs if all of this was not enough, the study also indicated that it will continue Bug fix And performance issues are improved so that the game works as well as possible. But when will this update arrive? Currently UndatedBut Innersloth confirmed he expects Arrive earlier than previous corrections, Since studying It appears to have improved organization.

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Actually, the study He had to explain why he was so late with his updatesWhich we hope will not happen anymore. As we said, the game keeps improving and is determined to be bigger, and It released a new map a few weeks ago, The Airship, Which is the most comprehensive game in which it was Very well received By title players. Even though the number of players has decreased, he is still healthy, for example It debuted on the Nintendo Switch with millionaire sales.

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