AMLO Should Give Greater Legal Clarity and Intellectual Property Transparency to Increase Economic Growth: CEESP

The Business sector From the country he warned that if the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Seeking to increase the economic growth of Mexico, it is urgent to provide greater legal clarity and transparency in the participation of private initiative in the economy, with the rules of the game more profitable to society.

“The executive should change its strategy to one more consistent with the rule of law, whereby alleged corrupt officials are indicted and prosecuted, rather than simply canceling activities due to unproven assumptions,” he said. Center for Economic Studies for the Private Sector (CEESP).

Instead of banning investment and productive activity, President Lopez Obrador can bring charges and lawsuits against all those he deems corrupt, and where appropriate, the state should prosecute them.

In this way there will be transparency and exemplary penalties consistent with the rule of law.

Nevertheless, the Center for Central and Eastern European Studies warned that “as long as the authorities are more interested in aligning the law with their political interests, there is no possibility of a rapid or sustainable recovery.”

The organism accumulated in Business Coordination Council (CCE) He mentioned that the outlook for economic growth had improved based on the recovery of the US economy, which benefited the US the most associated with exports and the least remittance recipients.

He said that as of the second semester of 2020, manufacturing activity in the United States showed a significant rebound, which is closely related to Mexican manufacturing production, which is the reason for the revitalization of the channel to transport manufacturing exports from Mexico. , Which led to an improvement in the main external indicators of our country.

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Moreover, it appears that population support in the United States was behind the strong growth in remittances received in recent months.

In terms of employment, 8.7 million jobs have been restored in Mexico so far, out of the 12.5 million jobs that declined with the closure of activities due to health incarceration in the first half of last year. The private sector considered that this could also be associated with better performance of consumption indicators, and in this way, is reflected in a recovery in growth.

According to private sector analysts, “There is no guarantee that the wealth generated by the US economy will be a reliable or lasting factor.”

For this reason, they recommended that Mexico address strong and dangerous challenges through measures that enhance the rule of law and generate more confidence and certainty for investment, the only way to generate sustainable growth, as well as strong productive and quality employment-going. And self-sufficiency.

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