Amir Sader: The regional currency may be a way out of inflation in Argentina | Electoral scenario in Brazil

Brazilian philosopher and political scientist Prince issued Sunday, reviewed the scope of one of the main campaign proposals of the local candidate and the former president Luiz Inacio Lula da SilvaThe Creating a single currency in Latin America.

The idea for a southern currency arose from an article written by young Labor economists, rescued by Lula and giving it much greater expectations. It is his obsession. Latin American Integration’,” commented the analyst at a trip around the world.

For Sader, it’s a file Unique global opportunity: “The idea of ​​the coin has now become an important starting point. Because Dollarization is in crisis Much larger than when there were progressive governments.”

“It is possible to think that trade in the area is done in another currency. I started to think about it It could even be a way out of inflation for Argentina. “He will be able to break out of that cruel, evil cycle,” he added.

Southern currency

The new South American digital currency will be called SUR. It will be issued by a central bank in South America, with initial capitalization by member countries.

For its promoters, the capitalization of Tyr “will be done with the international reserves of the countries and/or with a tax on the exports of countries outside the region.”

In addition, the member states “will obtain an initial moratorium from Tyre, according to agreed clear rules, and will be free to adopt it at the national level or keep their currencies. The exchange rates between the national currencies will be a floating fence.”

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The plan of Lula’s government is still under development and, according to those close to the leftist leader, should be completed in the coming months. Although there is no definition of what will be included in the final text, his endorsement of the coin indicates his approval of the idea.

Anti-Bolsonarist opinion polls and the coup

On the other side, export accept Hot scene before the elections in Brazil. On Saturday, the former president launched his candidacy for the October elections. There is a formalization Gerald Alckmina veteran liberal politician and opponent of the Labor Party, represented his running mate.

In this context, the specialist analyzed: “The art of politics today is to isolate polsonaro. Therefore, save even those who have long criticized the Labor Party.”

On the other hand, President Bolsonaro is evaluating strategies in a complex scenario.

Bolsonaro’s intention is to strike. He realizes that he will not win. Serious surveys give a unique result. They gave Lula a 20-point lead in the second roundgo out.

To which he added, “It gives the impression that he realizes that only by breaking democracy can he have an alternative. Lula’s candidacy excites the people a lot.” The dispute is open. Labor is trying to encourage people to say it is possible to strike a coup. Although it is not known whether the military would risk a coup without the support of the United States.

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