AMD will improve PC gaming performance with FSR 2.0, which already has a launch window

The technology, which will be compatible with thousands of games, promises a smooth experience with high-quality graphics.

amd It continues to work hard to improve the gaming experience of its users, so it is no surprise that it has taken a new step with processors and Ryzen 7 5800X3D introduced. However, the company has also focused on everything related to its software, leaving us with a file new copy from him AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution.

technology FSR 2.0 It aims to further improve the appearance of high-performance games. In this sense, AMD intends to Increase the FPS rate For digital adventures without losing graphics quality, so we can expect a composition that enhances fluidity and sharpness in the overall picture.

FSR 2.0 will improve image quality using previous framesFSR 2.0 will be compatible with a large number of graphics cards other than AMD, so we can enjoy its benefits even if our system is not made up of all the company’s components. Moreover, this version You will improve image quality using previous framesso it will build on previous scenes directly to form a high-quality panorama without constantly resorting to high load levels.

This technology will be available in The second quarter of 2022, so there are only a few weeks left to enjoy great performance with AMD software. In addition, the company has also announced new drivers for the graphics that come with it Radeon Super Resolution, which will use the spatial scaling function to give us near-native precision. In addition, the image quality will also be increased thanks to the new version of sharpen image radeona system that, by performing post-processing tasks, will improve the sharpness of various applications.

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It’s already clear to us that AMD wants to give it a try knock on the table, because recent initiatives have left an optimistic outlook for video game fans. However, the company cannot avoid one of the most important problems of recent months: lack of components. According to AMD estimates, we will continue This situation is until 2023even though Nvidia has a more positive outlook.

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