Amazon Prime takes over Netflix with a heartwarming tweet: “Bye bye”

Netflix At the center of the storm was an announcement of a surcharge on the percentage of subscribers who share their accounts with non-subscribers. The disavowal of the anti-people action was immediate and platform Amazon Prime He took advantage of the moment and hit his opponent with a sharp tweet.

with a picture boys -One of the emblematic series from her catalog- Amazon Prime Join the criticism Netflix And he sent a powerful message to his opponent. “#ChauNetflix #HolaPrimeVideo,” the platform tweeted, Join hashtag vs tag N. The tweet quickly went viral and many users praised the series and movies from other platforms.

The attack on Netflix increased with the latest statement it published: in the second quarter of 2022, it lost 970,000 subscribers.A decrease estimated at about two million people, but that stopped thanks to the launch of the first part of the fourth season of the series. Weird things. The data was revealed in a letter to its shareholders published on the specialized portal diverse, They noted that the company currently has 220.67 million subscribers worldwide.

The current decline was mainly in the United States and Canada, where 1.3 million subscribers were canceled and 770,000 subscribers left the platform in Europe and Western Asia. While that, Netflix Nearly 1 million new accounts in Asia Pacific and It remained stable in Latin America, where yesterday a new consumption pattern was announced in four countries (Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and the Dominican Republic).

Netflix scale angered Argentines

This new feature Netflix It will be implemented from August 22 and will cost 219 pesos plus taxes for each additional family. (or “home,” as it will be called in the system), according to a statement posted on the company’s blog (available in full at: -accounts-en).

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According to this, Each subscription or account will be “home” and will allow you, regardless of the plan chosen, to connect to Netflix from any device. The platform can also be used from outside the home with laptops, tablets and mobile phones. However, when you want to use the account from a TV outside the home, the system will offer the possibility to include it as an “extra home” at an additional cost. In addition, within the account settings, the owner can check where the service is used and remove homes when they want.

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