Amazon outperforms FedEx in US deliveries.

In 2004, Amazon dominate 0.2% of births in United State, and now it has taken over a fifth of the business, and is even on the verge of overtaking ups and United States Postal Service (USPS), according to information from logistics company Pitney Bowes.

Data shows that the e-commerce giant has overtaken FedEx as the third largest delivery company in America, and it’s hot on the heels of UPS, the only private company that still offers more packages than Amazon.

“Amazon Logistics delivered 109 percent year-over-year growth in package revenue and a 127 percent increase in package volume.” as you say Pitney Bowes.

Logistics growth

Previously, Amazon relied on other companies to offer to its customers, such as ups And FedExBut then the tech giant set out to develop its own delivery logistics after a disastrous Christmas crackdown in 2013, when there were so many orders through Amazon that delivery services collapsed.

Next year, Amazon It accelerated the construction of its own distribution centers by filling semi-trailers, cargo planes and vans.

Amazon LogisticsAmazon’s delivery division can open up to more overseas business and take advantage of huge in-house logistics investments, just like Amazon Web Services in a profitable business.

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