Amazon employees receive union support from the US and Canada

The new Teamsters chief has vowed his union group will increase pressure on Amazon and organize its own efforts to unite the company’s employees after New York workers voted to form America’s first e-commerce union.

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This is the oldest union in the United States and Canada. It’s necessary to regulate Amazon, said Sean O’Brien, newly elected chairman of the board, saying the e-commerce company lacks complete respect for its workers.

  • For O’Brien, Jeff Bezos is lowering the standards for unionized warehouse workers and truck drivers across the United States.
  • He confirmed that Amazon workers would benefit greatly from joining Teamsters, saying that Amazon drivers and warehouse workers are treated and paid much worse than their union counterparts at other companies.
  • “They are terrible, and they have no respect for the way they treat their employees,” O’Brien said.

Amazon workers agreed to form a union

On Friday, the final count of the votes showed that Amazon workers on Staten Island would vote for unions, 2,654 for union and 2,131 against. Another vote to organize workers in Alabama is on the cards.

  • The company won the union campaign by 118 votes, but the final count is pending review of the 416 disputed ballot papers.
  • O’Brien said he commends any organization trying to beat Amazon: “I applaud anyone who tries to bully the schoolyard like Amazon does.”
  • The retail, wholesale, and department store consortium is trying to unite Amazon warehouses in Bessemer, Alabama, while a new independent consortium, the Labor Union, is behind the regulation at two of Amazon’s facilities on Staten Island.
  • O’Brien said no union is in a better position than Teamsters to organize employees at the e-commerce giant because his 1.3 million-member union has decades of experience organizing and winning good contracts for warehouse workers and truck drivers.
  • “This is the only union with a track record of organizing workers in these industries,” O’Brien said.
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