Amazing trip for a Salvadoran family following Selecta from Canada

The Canales y Ventura family is the protagonist of a great story of loyalty and high expectations with Selecta in this first window of Concacaf Final Octagonal.

Certainly, Selecta is a sentiment that moves millions of people, not only in El Salvador, but in different parts of the world, and on occasions like this, fans are there in greater numbers to play as the 12th footballer of the Blue Team. and white.

On this occasion, the family of Canales and Ventura, the protagonists of a story spanning several thousand kilometers, as they will follow Azul and Blanco during this FIFA history tour in September. The adventure began today at Cuscatlán Stadium for the match against the United States.

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This family will remain in the country until Sunday, when Team Selecta play Honduras at “Coloso de Monserrat” after which they will travel to Wednesday’s game between Canadians and Salvadorans in Toronto.

This enthusiastic family claims to be motivated by Selecta’s performance and hopes to get the best possible result in these three matches, expressing that they come to support Azul and Blanco with everything and were encouraged to anticipate a 2-0 win against North America.

The fans felt at Cuscatlán Stadium. Photo EDH / Jonathan Funes

The only problem the Selecta family is having at the moment is that they couldn’t buy the original T-shirts, because they are not in stock, so they had to buy replicas, a situation they hope will change before Sunday. To be able to wear the same leather as soccer players walk on the field.

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Undoubtedly, another sample of the love one can declare to Blue and White …

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