Alvaro Messin on La Sele: “The problem is that we have relied on one or three players for our success”

The former goalkeeper of the national team, Alvaro Messin, analyzed the current situation of the tricolor for the elimination match against Canada on Friday.

For the ex-citizen, we stopped doing important things that previously helped us stand out in the region.

“The problem is not that a player like him (Keylor Navas) is missing, the problem is that we have not prepared for a change. We have based our success on one, two or three players.”

“We’ve already lost and exploited the environment, Canada has overtaken us, and Panama has complicated us,” Meissen said.

The source expressed that the time is right to start changing and start doing different things that help us improve.

“We have a big problem, Keelor ​​is injured and we don’t have a similar profile.

“We have three very different goalkeepers, it’s a big complication for the coach,” he added.

About what our football really is compared to the powers of the region, Messin has a very clear idea.

The former national team said: “MLS puts together a very similar structure in the clubs, they work in a very similar streak, you see the profiles in all situations are very similar.”

He also commented that it was important to start defining things and looking for order in the entire administrative and athletic structure.

“The coach is looking very hard for his team, the problem was planning, there was no upfront support.

In purely sporting matters, the guest is very clear about some of the positions to be taken in these two qualifying matches against Canada and Honduras.

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“Brian is not playing, Celso is not playing either, I don’t think they will be there for this match at least from the start.”

Messin commented: “Suarez has to be clear which of the four streak is not good for us, in the United States he knew that, we played a streak of five, it would be a very similar match to the one in the United States.”

In addition, he said that the talent exists in our country, but it must work in a good way so that these good players are not lost.

“In Costa Rica there is talent, but if you don’t tune in to talent, it will still be mejenguero’s talent,” Messin added.

To finish Mesén hopes that the tricolor team can put in a good show in these two matches, in this way we continue the possibility of attending the World Cup.

“We shouldn’t throw in the towel, there’s still a chance, and that will be decided to the end,” he said.

Costa Rica will face Canada next Friday at 8:05 pm on Radio Teletica Deportes and Teletica Deportes.

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