Alumni trips: 143 students stranded …

After the National Directorate of Immigration expanded the complaint in Federal Justice to investigate the introduction of irregular PCR tests by Argentine tourists who returned from abroad, 143 students who were on a graduation trip are stranded in Cancun, Mexico. There are 87 boys in one hotel and 56 in another. They will stay there until they are discharged. ”, Reported from the State Department.

In statements to the press, spokespersons said the bag led Felipe Sola They explained that “the students are waiting to undergo a real test, because in principle there will be many positives,” noting that “the Argentine consulate in Mexico is working on this issue.”

The case became public after a series of irregularities were discovered, such as passengers who had submitted the same PCR and others who, when completing and uploading the corresponding files for the analysis, listed “invoices from cell phone companies or beverage lists”.

Last weekend, the flight from the Riviera Maya triggered new alerts by scoring 44 positive out of 217 passengers, far exceeding the positive average of 1% usually detected at airports.

As it turned out, the mother of one of the young men contacted the authorities of the Immigration Directorate and explained that they had hired a service provided by the agency. Moon Travel That was shown to carry out a PCR for boys at a hotel in Cancun.

An analysis of “negative” results was performed in Marby Health Laboratory SA But the aforementioned health influencer is not present at the registered address and “the Mexican authorities do not recognize it as subject to regulatory authorities.”

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Likewise, the aforementioned company has not announced to the ministry which service providers it will work with in 2020, has not uploaded trips to Cancun into the application system, and has not provided parents with proof of zero fees, the first thing families pay on these types of trips. Parallel to the criminal complaint, the Ministry of Tourism released a summary to Moon Travel Agency upon discovering various irregularities in administrative procedures.

In turn, Director of the Federal Commission for Protection and Health Hazards (Cofepris), Miguel Angel Pino, Confirming that various anomalies were found in the documents and equipment during an inspection visit that was conducted on Tuesday at Marby Saloud laboratories facilities.

“The staff have not received adequate training and are not even on the list of registered laboratories,” added the director of Cofepris. He also said the controversial laboratory’s license was still pending.

In this complex health scenario, the government An evaluation of these watches is a possibility Suspension of alumni trips Abroad for him “High epidemiological risk”.

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