Alpine stabs Alonso that thwarted the “plan” within a few months

When it’s not wrong strategyis an error in Boxesa Errorproblem General reliabilityThe Tires or always useful Bad luck.

Of the nine Grand Prix races held so far in the 2022 Formula 1 season, none have had a quiet weekend. Fernando Alonsowith special problems on Sunday.

The twice hero doesn’t bite his tongue anymore. asturian finds unacceptable that flaws located only on “14”, With his single seat, which made him miss opportunities like those in Canada. Start 2 and finish 9 (I entered 7 but They were punished for a maneuver that is clearly punishableIt wasn’t in the plans, far from it.

The experience in Gilles Villeneuve was especially painful, because the aspirations were so high. like so little, I was expecting a “best 5” In the end he ended up getting to the points and thanks.

From the Alps, they cling to misfortune as a general excuse, but so far this season, there are already several failures that fans are beginning to see as Stabs in the established trust By them and by Fernando Alonso himself in that alleged “plan”.

Fernando Alonso, at the Canadian Grand Prix.

The feeling is that the Alps are some kind of guy sitting on the sofa, Who refuses to go to the gym To sweat to stay active. Or worse: who goes to work, to have his partner believe that he is striving for the best.

smaller car

Alpine’s first promise was the car. The A522Although it was a funky and competitive car at first, it fell two or three steps behind Red Bull RB18 or Ferrari F1-75.

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Well, that’s right Change in regulations with flat bottom hardness It shattered their expectations, but it wasn’t as high as expected. in a year in it McLaren accessible and mercedes There are many doubts that Alpine will take the fifth place it was in 2021. Insufficient.

Alonso and Bottas, at the Canadian Grand Prix, at that time cost the Spaniard a penalty.

wall without ideas

If there’s one team that Alpine could be looking for, it’s definitely it. Red Bull. At least when thinking about their career strategies. It’s rare for an energy drink team to fail, or if they do, they won’t have some sort of contingency plan to try to salvage the situation.

It was Several errors in this regard. Although this is also partly due to bad luck with the virtual safety cars (it actually happened in Australia and it happened again in Canada: they caught it offside and couldn’t drill in time), but the feeling that there is no way to change a prior strategy clear.

Fernando Alonso, at the Canadian Grand Prix

gallon shortage

Fernando Alonso’s position as the team’s lead driver is highly questionable. Lack of results put him in an unexpected position against him Stephen Ocon, although it’s not clear what came before, the competitive egg or the stripes chicken. Without results, the argument that it is French (in a french team) Who prevails in strategies? The commands are logical.

The other thing is that Ocon sports it, because he actually picked it up sometimes.

Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso, at the Grand Prix of Saudi Arabia

Press to rise as quickly as possible Oscar Bistare This means that even from within the team they are seriously considering whether it is worth renewing Alonso. The Spanish rider is aware of this and, Although the future appears to be heading towards continuity until 2023He won’t sign right away until he’s satisfied with what they’re offering him.

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Reliability and bad luck all in one

The Canadian KERS problem was due, as shown Otmar SzafnauerDue to an air leak from an unknown source, they will have to investigate the British GP.

The meltdowns that Alonso suffered were so many and often that there was no uneventful Grand Prix. happened in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Spain (Where he changed the engine) and though he booked a few quiet appointments later, back in Canada. He naturally gets tired of seeing how all the bad luck follows him.

Fernando Alonso

In this aspect, it’s about bad luck, unless they hire an Alpine “mega” who cast a spell on the Asturians, they can’t be blamed. For reliability, yes.. The team’s technical directors should wake up so their car and Ocon’s car (which also had mechanical problems), at the very least, can finish races without praying so the car doesn’t crash.

Alpine was not up to the task in Canada

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