Alonso criticizes the FIA ​​after leaving the United States

Alonso’s return to Formula 1 is not what an alpine driver could dream of most. This time the problems came in the Americas circuit. The controversy began when Kimi Raikkonen on lap 16 overtook the Spaniard by stomping the piano on the track at Turn 1. Because of this infraction, Alonso sent the referees by radio for the return of the position, which the Stewards would ignore.

In response, Spaniard Albine’s driving became more aggressive using the same technique the Finn used to overpower him, this time to steal center from Antonio Giovinazzi. But this time, Stewards issued a warning to Oviedo, advising him that if he did not return the position, he would receive a 5-second penalty. The controversy had already begun and Alonso was enraged.

As soon as the race was over, the Spanish driver came out very hot to announce to the media in Corralito’s press: “Unfortunately, we came to America to give them a good bid to open F1 in this country and I think we were not given a good image,” he responded to the pre-controversy. According to Alonso, the procedures were “exactly identical”. However, the FIA ​​took opposite decisions in both cases, to the detriment of the Spanish champion in both cases. Because of this situation, the Astori was pretty pissed off: “I think I lost 10 seconds that would have made the P9 easy for me. But hey, my spoiler was finally broken, so nothing changes,” he added.

The second retirement of his career

In his 40-year career as a motorsport competitor, Fernando Alonso had only retired from racing on one occasion until he reached the Circuit of the Americas, where Asturian decided to give up due to a broken wing. The Spanish driver explained to the media how he was abandoned in the final laps of the Grand Prix, as he was trying to scratch a point for the competition: “The rear wing broke. He kept looking up. I was about to turn the fast corner. Before entering the pits. And I saw that the spoiler was broken,” he said.

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The Spaniard stressed that he was lucky because this situation happened in a safe area and not in the decisive moments in the track, but something worse would have happened: “Fortunately I managed to get into the hole. If it happened at the beginning the sector would be a little more dangerous with fast corners.”

FIA Tangles Go Beyond the Race

Alonso took advantage of his crack in front of the FIA ​​due to the controversy in the race to reveal the conversations that the Federation had with all the pilots before the engines started in the first laps of the circuit: “There were no problems in Sochi at all. I suppose in Mexico they will ask everyone what happened in the corner The first, why did they all go abroad. Because I did it in Sochi and there was drama in Turkey. So I hope there will be many questions in Mexico as to who did it this time,” the Asturian pilot commented in a sarcastic and sarcastic tone.

Finally, to give something to talk about in the coming weeks, the Astori fired a poisoned arrow into Formula 1: “We love and love this sport, for better or worse, because it is. But we know it won’t be fair to everyone. Forever.”

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