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The first major update for the PlayStation 5 console comes like this Wednesday April 14th, among the improvements and new features To which they will come Our console The ability to save Games in prof Storage device USB, new social functions and changes inside PlayStation app.

Sony announced its news Update in PlayStation BlogAnd he warned though USB drives allow users to store data Toys, It will not be permitted to be executed or downloaded there directlyNto.

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The new functionality for Share the play, too Is another feature interesting:

PS4 and PS5 players can now share games together while chatting on Groups. this means That users of a It can leave the PS5 console with your friends You see your PS4 controllers ScreenOr even that Experience PS5 games with Share Play and vice versa. Options include the ability to share a file Screen with a friend, swipe the remote control Round to a friend or pass a second command You almost have to play cooperative games together.

There are also some changes In general experience, Like the ability to Mute the sound from The people (And even adjust participant sizes individually In a group chat), New options for Better organization Library and what’s better, Possibility from what Game updates are downloaded automatically from Background (provided the developers enable the feature).

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picture: Play Station

There will also be changes to the PlayStation app, with new functions that will allow you to Manage Store your PS5, compare award collections with friends, and sort products shown in a file PlayStation Store. You can also join multiplayer sessions directly from the app.

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