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The second beta of Android 12 is here for Pixel devices and soon for mobile phones from other brands.

follow with Official update schedule, Google launched a program The second beta version of Android 12, behind the Announcing the first version during the previous Google I/O 2021 conference. This second installment comes as a file incremental updateand enter some New features, improvements, and bug fixes.

After the arrival of the second beta, there is only Two trial versions before delivery arrives “release filter”, the latest version by Android 12 stable release released, which is supposed to be launched between August and September this year.

Android 12 will be the new version of Google’s operating system.

Android 12 Beta 2 compatible phones

At the launch of the first beta version of Android 12, Google claimed that it will be A total of 22 devices up to 11 brands Those compatible with the trial version. However, Google Pixel They are still the first to get the ability to install this version. But not all, because only the models released from 2019 are compatible:

  • Pixel 3
  • Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a phone
  • Pixel 3a XL
  • Pixel 4
  • Pixel 4 XL
  • Pixel 4a phone
  • Pixel 4a 5G
  • Pixel 5

In the case of models from other manufacturers, we will have to wait for each brand to decide Update release, whose Installation can be done manually by following the steps in our guide.

The 164 mobile phones that will receive Android 12, and when.

Download Android 12 Beta 2

Those people who already have the first beta version of Android 12 installed on their phones, It will receive the update to version 2 via OTA automatically.

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On the other hand, those who want to try Android 12 for the first time will have to do so Subscribe – FREE – to the Android Beta Program برنامج Using the Google account associated with your device, then download the update.

There is also the possibility Install Android 12 OTA manually, download it through google developer page.

All news of Android 12 Beta 2

The first beta version of Android 12 provided the bulk of the news that will be in the latest version of the release, such as new design material youA new animation and Other changes we can try in his day.

This presents the second trial version Functional improvements And some other aesthetic changes. In addition, it includes all the improvements for Android update for June, like the situation Time lapse in astrophotography, Possibility Lock Google Photos folders with your fingerprint oh no Detecting traffic accidents in Spain.

It also includes several announced changes to the input/output that were not available until now, such as the design of the new notification panel and quick settings. Here’s a look at the changes we’ve seen in the new version:

Privacy panel, microphone and camera indicators

Android 12 privacy panel

The new Android 12 privacy panel.

Announced during I/O, the privacy panel offers improvements such as Indicators showing which apps get permissions like location, microphone, or camera.

On the other hand, this will be possible from Settings Review the history of access to permissions and other sensitive parts the system.

Microphone indicator in Android 12

This is the microphone indicator that appears in Android 12.

Microphone and camera quick settings

With the second beta version of Android 12, they were introduced Two new keys In the System Settings section, which allows Quickly disable app access to these two sensors. Developers will have an API at their disposal with which they can check if devices support this feature.

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Clipboard read notification

right Now, A notification will appear if the app has retrieved clipboard content. This notification will not appear if the content is copied from the app itself.

Renewed contact list

The System connection settings They have been revamped with the intention of offering a more intuitive experience.

New shutdown menu

If you long press the power off button, you will see a file A completely renewed new menuWith larger buttons in general, the aesthetic is more in line with the rest of the operating system.

Android 12 lock menu

The new Android 12 shutdown menu.

Revamp the notification panel and quick settings

The Notification panel and quick system settings It received one of the biggest face washes in recent years. Now, the two parts are better distinguished, and the animation on the screen has been updated to be more colorful and streamlined.

In addition, two Quick access to Google Pay and device controls built into Google Home, so that it is no longer necessary to long-press the power-off button to access it.

Android 12 Beta 2 Settings and Notifications Panel

Android 12 Beta 2 settings and notifications panel.

Themes based on background color are here

Article You are in Android 12.

“Material You” is the name of the renewed user interface that debuted with Android 12.

As announced at I/O, Android 12 introduces a theme engine Capable of creating unique patterns based on the main colors of the user-configured wallpaper. The first beta lacked this feature, but with the second version, it is not only available, but also It is activated by default, and just change the wallpaper to see how exactly the look of the operating system changes.

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“Quick Click” access

Google has been testing this feature on Pixels for over a year, and now it’s finally available: with quick press, it is possible to perform various actions by performing a Double click on the back of the phone.

For example, this is possible Open the camera, call the Google Assistant, take a screenshot, or change songs.

Quick tap on Android 12 Beta 2

Quick tap feature in Android 12 Beta 2.

Direct access to Google Pay on the lock screen

If you have one Payment card linked to Google Pay on your Pixel phone, you will see a file Direct access to the payment system Directly on the lock screen, in the lower right corner.

Access Google Pay from the Android 12 lock screen

Access Google Pay from the Android 12 lock screen.

Smoother animation to activate “one-handed mode”

When it comes to activating one-handed mode, now The animation will be more fluid. you only need Slide the bottom navigation bar to activate the mode, and up to deactivate it.

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