Alexander Zverev was kicked out of the Acapulco Open for attacking a judge

sharing Alexander Zverev At the Mexican Open, it went from fantastic to ridiculous, because in less than 24 hours, the German went from making history to Complete the longest journey On the track along with Jenson Broxby, Lose your mind in the game From the doubles and throw his title defense in our country, because after attacking the chair referee with his racket, the German N.Or you can continue for the remainder of the tournament.

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Through social networks, AMT reported that the number three player in the world was to stop The Competition, So he won’t be able to play the duel that was scheduled for Wednesday night against fellow countryman Peter Gojowczyk.

“Because of Unsportsmanlike behavior At the conclusion of the doubles match on Tuesday night, Alexander Zverev was suspended from the tournament in Acapulco.

Although there is no official statement from the ATP, rather than a response to the post by AMT, there is evidence that assaulting a judge is on the right track. Unacceptable One of the most remembered cases is the case of . Novak Djokovic, who at the US Open inadvertently hit the judge and was promptly fired.

Another of the most remembered episodes of the WTA event, when the Russian Andrea Petkovicduring a tournament in Dubai, he also took his frustration out of the racket and threw it to the back of the court where he nearly hit a judge.

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Despite being similar cases Zverev In the second court of the Mexican Open it goes even further, because in the recordings it can be seen that the German has intent to attack.

according to ATP rule book, In Code Section Section 4 Subsection B, players must not kick or throw the racket violently, otherwise there will be economic penalties. Here is the full rule:

racket or equipment misuse

i) Players may not strike, kick, or throw a racket or other equipment violently, dangerously, or angrily into the enclosures of the tournament venue. about The purposes of this rule, Misuse of rackets or equipment is defined as
The willful, dangerous or violent destruction or damage to rackets or equipment or by intentional and violent striking of a net, court, chair or other equipment during a match out of anger or frustration.

b) Violation of this section will subject the player to a fine of up to $500 per violation. In addition, if such a violation occurs during a match, the player will be punished According to the points penalty programme.

Although the racket is misused Punished by ATPThe practice of de-stressing is becoming more and more day by day.

With Zverev out of the tournament, she changed the organization role playing games, Well, the German was responsible for closing the day at the GNP Arena on Wednesday, and now the Tsitsipas duel will be what wraps up the action.

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What happened before Zverev’s comment?

After the judge set the final point in the doubles match for Zverev, the German did not agree with the decision that left him out of the tournament in which he was competing with his friend Milo, so he immediately lost his mind and He began to complain.

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Ignored in his allegations, the German lost his mind and began throwing speculators onto the judge’s bench, who, having managed to get off his seat, leave the track To avoid major conflicts. Discharging his anger, Alexander Zverev gave the racket to a boy who was in Trinity.

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