Alert on Android for a new virus that slows down the phone and steals information: How to fix it

specialized in Information Security I found the package Malware Infected Applications On Google Play the report was previously downloaded on more than 1 million devices Android. The US company responded to the report a few days later, removing the malicious tools and urging users to check their devices for any traces.

Adware Apps on Android: Report Details

  • Responsible for this discovery are Malwarebytes experts, who reported The Google There are four malicious apps provided by a developer named Mobile AppsGroup.
  • Specifically, apps were infected with Adware, a type of malware designed to invade devices with ads.
  • The strategy of these applications consisted of going unnoticed during the first days and starting their actions after a few days, Bombarding users with pop-up ads invasive.
  • In addition, ads included Links to malicious sitesIncluding platforms phishing To steal user information and money in the end.
  • Software offered as connectivity solutions has been disguised.
  • In the case of a group of four apps, the range was impressive: It collected over a million downloads on Android phones and tablets.
  • Google echoed the Malwarebytes warning and removed the infected gadgets from its store. As reported by the site ZDNetThe company took a few days to do this.

Adware Apps on Android: Google Statement

The apps identified in the report are no longer available on Google Play and The developer has been fired‘, said a spokesperson for the company behind Android.

What adware apps have been removed from Google Play?

As we indicated, the apps were disguised as communication utilities. They had these sects.

  • Automatic connection via bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth Application Sender.
  • Mobile transfer: smart key.
  • Driver: Bluetooth, WiFi, USB.
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The first on the list was the most popular, with about two years in the store and over a million downloads.

What do you do to protect?

While Google has removed these apps from its store, many Android devices may still have them installed. Meanwhile, the recommendation is simple and straightforward: Remove it as soon as possible If they are active.

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As we usually recommend in these cases, it is necessary Review other users’ comments before downloading the appIt is better to do this from the official stores and also check the reputation of the developers who provide the tools.

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