Alejandro Gonzalez is ready for the Davis Cup match against the United States

In Antioquia, tennis player Alejandro Gonzalez is already training in Nevada, USA with the Davis Cup team. In his 10th appearance in the national team, with more experience, maturity and circumstances, he hopes to contribute to Colombia’s victory in the series against the Americans, starting Friday.

Before his first practice with the group led by Alejandro Falla, Albiza spoke with EL COLOMBIANO about his call and anticipation of this confrontation.

How did you get your call for the Davis Cup?

“Very happy; when Alejandro (Vala) called me, I felt that the illusion of representing the country again, that motivates me a lot. It is clear that the topic of Daniel (Galan) and his physical problem is difficult, but I feel ready and ready to contribute. I was training in Medellin and with the rhythm of competition in Hard court, so I feel physically fine. This call gives me extra fuel, something that keeps me energetic, energetic and committed to making an effort every day to improve.”

Are you ready if you are chosen to play a duel?

“The Davis Cup is always a tournament where I feel happy, where I have been able to give my best tennis. From my last performance so far (Argentina two years ago), I have grown, I am more mature, I have more experience and this allows me to play better and safer” .

What is your analysis of the competitors in this series?

“The United States is strong, they have a better ranking and they will be local. But we, Nicolás Barrientos, have experience with them and we have already beaten them. In addition, Nicolás Mejía showed a high level and a lot of potential, so I think it will be a difficult series. We have great strength and doubles ( Kabal and Farah) they used to play in the heights. And the captain gives us security, so we hope to move forward with the series.”

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Have you ever been involved with Nicolás Mejía, how do you see him being the number one racket in Colombia?

“With Nico I played in Croatia a partner From training a boy with many conditions, he was on the rise and showed in the world group that he has the potential. Most importantly, we are a united group that supports each other and we have a leader who gives us security, confidence and experience.”

What was the transition like from having Vala as a team member to Davis’ team captain?

“As captain, Alejandro is a close person, we talk with him a lot and with his experience he can convey that safety we need for the series. We met as players and now in his role gives us strength, and with his career he knows very well this championship and that is vital for us.”

What do you think of the generational change taking place with Galán and Mejía?

“Daniel is a player who has proven himself, and with Nicolas Mejia we see that there are players that are progressing a lot. Nico is on the rise, with very positive things about his level and his game, and he is the person who has been called to lead this generational change.”

And the alternative in Antioquia, how do you see it?

“I have tried to keep an eye on Alejandro Arcela and Mariana Higuita, I know their coaches, I know they are doing a great job and they also have, as in my case, committed and selfless parents who support them a lot.”

Do the issues of Nadal, Djokovic and Federer motivate you to hire Alejandro for a while?

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on God `s will. When you feel that you are in those last years, you have advantages such as maturity and experience that allow you to play better and face many things more clearly. In my case, I still have the same hunger for glory and that motivates me to prepare well, train hard and give everything I have when I go out on the pitch. Physically, you have to stay healthy and be healthy to continue responding.”

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