Alcazar educational centers participate in the “Science for …” conferences

During Friday morning, the Civic Center inaugurated the “Science for All” conference, organized by the Spanish Cancer Control Association in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, which this year focused on developing healthy eating habits. A workshop with many activities to be carried out by all educational centers of the Alcázar de San Juan, where more than 200 students experiment with science while developing healthy habits related to food.

Mayor Rosa Melchor, accompanied by Education Consultant Mariano Quarteiro, attended the event to accompany the little ones in the development of the activity, which includes making food pyramids, conducting experiments, etc. There, they met with Enrique Lopian, president of the Spanish Cancer Control Association of Alcazar de San Juan, and Carolina Castillejo, prevention technician and psychologist from the same association.

Castillejo explained that the students conducted two experiments on fruits and vegetables to learn about the antioxidant power of these foods, in addition to implementing a series of dynamics to promote healthy habits, among them the new concept of healthy breaks: “It is a program affiliated with the association to encourage physical activity in young people, and replace rest periods between classes.” doing physical exercise.”

For his part, Lópian did not hesitate to highlight the involvement of Alcázar de San Juan in this type of disposition, as well as the versatility of the Spanish Cancer Society: “We are not only dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cancer, but we are also involved in the education of the young.” The AECC President took the opportunity to express his gratitude to the Department of Education for the involvement of all educational centers in the project.

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In the same way, Mayor Rosa Melchor expressed the importance of the work carried out by Lópian, Castillejo and the rest of the members of the Spanish Cancer Society: from childhood, there are many opportunities to prevent certain types of cancer and, if we suffer from them, more power to fight them.

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