Alberto Fernandez participates today in the annual CAF Conference

President Alberto Fernandez participates This Tuesday at 6.30 pm, via a recorded message, from the 25th annual conference of the CAF Development Bank in Latin America.

CAF . Conference This will be done by default, from Washington, D.C., east Tuesday and Wednesday NS “Discussing the main challenges facing the region on the world stage”And Sources mentioned that entity.

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Fernandez participates in Session Three: Dialogue with the Presidents of Latin America, In conjunction with the former Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the United States, Thomas Shannon Colombia leaders, Even Duque; from Ecuador, Guillermo Lasoand from Panama, Laurentino Cortizo.

In addition to the former Secretary of State and Cult, Susanna MalcorraParticipation in the second session, “The Economic Panorama of the Region: Towards an Uneven Recovery?”. This discussion will address the outlook and economic recovery in Latin America.

The formal and informal economy, investment potential, growth in the region, social safety nets and inclusion are some of the main topics that will be focused on.

Once again, inflation is a problem in Latin America: the dominant scenario in the region’s major economies

Organized since 1997 jointly with the American Dialogue Organization and the Organization of American States, The CAF Annual Conference is one of the major hemisphere meetings that allow Discussion and analysis of major political, economic and social trends in Latin America and the Caribbean.

To register and complete information about the event:

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