Alberto Fernandez: “It’s a real amount of vaccines …

from Paris

After Health Minister Carla Vizotti announced to his provincial counterparts that Argentina would receive 3,960,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine against covid-19 this month, President Alberto Fernandez was very excited from Paris of the news. While he is on a tour of different European countries, he cannot disconnect from the national agenda and closely follows the negotiations and everything that is happening in Argentina. “This is very important because we need a large number of vaccines,” he said. Page 12 And different media.

Later, the president explained that the President of Mexico, Andres Lopez Obrador, and his Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard “had already announced that they were assuming that they would be able to send them quickly or less. The risk figures at all. We all know what happens to vaccines, but we knew that this would come before end of the month “. In this sense, he also expressed that, in any case, “we continue to work to obtain more vaccines.”

In addition to the vaccines that will arrive from AstraZéneca thanks to this agreement, the President also informed that “500 thousand additional doses are arriving from Russia (Sputnik V) and next week we will have another shipment from Russia.” “With this, we have enough to be able to continue progressing in vaccination, which is what worries me the most,” he stressed.

The quantities that will arrive during this month, Fernandez explained, are largely produced in Mexico. “As far as I spoke with Ebrard and Lopez Obrador, it is about the batches that were produced in Mexico that are now beginning to arrive,” he said.

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The issue of vaccines, in contrast to the economic issue, which is central to this tour by the President and his accompanying delegation across various European countries, is of utmost importance. Fernandez spoke of the vaccines and the unfairness of their distribution with both the Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, and with the Spanish President, Pedro Sanchez, and according to members of the delegation, he will continue to do so with the leaders who still have him. Still to visit. The two leaders he spoke with were already in favor of seeing vaccines as a global good, as the Pope and then President Alberto Fernandez mentioned in the G20.

The President’s tour this Wednesday will continue with an intense day in desolate Paris, without tourists, with a 7:00 pm curfew that leaves the streets empty. First, in the morning, he will speak with a group of eight businessmen, including Total President, Arnaud Priollak, Dassault, Laurent Dassault, Danone, Facundo Ichibhiri, among others. After that, he will have lunch with President Emmanuel Macron, where they will work on the country’s negotiations with the Paris Club. Meanwhile, the First Lady, Fabiola Yanez, will meet with Brigitte Macron. There, as they are considered close to the president, there is already an agreement in principle thanks to previous negotiations by Economy Minister Martin Guzmán, and they hope to be able to agree with the Paris Club after concluding an agreement with the international. International Monetary Fund.

After a fleeting Parisian visit, Fernandez will travel to Rome, the final destination of the tour, where he will meet President Sergio Mattarella and Prime Minister Mario Draghi. In the Vatican, the meeting with Pope Francis will be very important on a symbolic level, but also because the President of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, will be there on the same day, to give a symposium. It is not excluded that there will be a meeting on Friday between her and Fernandez, and that the presidential trip will be delayed by a few hours.

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