Alberto Fernandez is negotiating with the White House and Mexico to have Cecilia Todesca head the Islamic Development Bank

Alberto Fernandez and Joseph Biden greet each other at the Summit of the Americas

(Special Envoy to Bali) One night in early November Alberto Fernandez and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) Discuss the presidential election in Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), That it already has a strong candidate in Brazil and the tactical silence of the United States.

– I will keep my word, if you put forward a candidacy under my supervision and support Argentina – I swear the Mexican president.

“Thank you for the gesture,” replied Alberto Fernandez from his Balcarce 50 office.

From that moment on, AMLO submitted two candidates – Alicia Barcena and Gerardo Esquivel -, He has not yet shown signs of fulfilling his personal oath.

During the long journey connecting Paris to Bali, the seat of the G-20 starting tomorrow, Alberto Fernandez, Minister of Foreign Affairs Santiago Cafiero and Minister of Economy Sergio Massa analyzed Argentina’s potential to fill the leadership of the Islamic Development Bank. The three agreed on the roadmap: AMLO needs to respect what he said and then move to Washington to persuade the White House.

The future president of the Islamic Development Bank will be voted on on November 20 Now six candidates are competing. Ilan Goldjan – introduced by Jair Bolsonaro before his defeat to Lula da Silva – has an advantage due to Brazil’s relative weight in the Islamic Development Bank and power relations in the capital. Goldgan is a senior official at the International Monetary Fund.

Alberto Fernandez and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador during their last official meeting in Mexico
Alberto Fernandez and Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador during their last official meeting in Mexico

Alberto Fernandez’s strategy is to impeach the Brazilian candidate and promote the candidacy of Cecilia Todesca Pocco with the votes of some Latin American and European countries, which are also members of the Islamic Development Bank’s board of directors. Cafiero believes Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador are in favor. He hopes President Gabriel Borek will reduce Chile’s candidacy to add supporters and have a larger footprint in the final race.

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How are European countries supported?– ask Infobae To the Secretary of State one day before heading to Bali.

We are very good. Cafiero replied that we could have that whole block, without cracks.

Todesca is the candidate from Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, the chancellor, and his Massa All negotiators about the terrain. The three interviewed various officials from the White House, the State Department, the Capitol, and the Secretary of the Treasury.

The president proposed Todska’s nomination to Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, and Cafiero spoke with Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State for Democratic Administration, and gave Masa direct access to the Capitol and the Secretary of the Treasury.

They listen and play poker, Summarized by a Cabinet member familiar with the negotiations with the United States.

Todesca Pocco is already in Washington with Marco Lavagna, who represents Argentina at the IDB under Massa. If the vote tilts toward the official nomination, the economy secretary will travel to Washington to speed up communications and commit to regional support.

Cecilia Todesca, Argentine candidate for the presidency of the Islamic Development Bank
Cecilia Todesca, Argentine candidate for the presidency of the Islamic Development Bank

However, despite the efforts of Cafiero and Massa, The final step will depend on the head of state.

During the trip from France to Indonesia, he reminded the official delegation that AMLO had given his word and Alberto Fernandez – as elected president – traveled to visit Lula while he was in prison on corruption charges.

he is called: Lopez Obrador will have to withdraw his candidate Esquivel s Lula should end Goldgan’s career In recognition of the political and personal solidarity of the President.

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Now let them pay. Both”, We heard him saying it from the fund of the charter flight carrying the Head of State, Ministers Cafiero and Massa, her spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti, Argentina’s ambassador to the United States, Jorge Argello, Secretary General of the Presidency Julio Vitubello, and Deputy Chief of Staff Juan Olmos.

Alberto Fernandez heard the comment and smiled.

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